Missile delivery – the Pentagon has found a replacement for military transport aircraft

The U.S. Air Force is proposing to conduct tests on the program of rocket delivery of cargo and people anywhere in the world, the press service of the U.S. Congress reported on June 3.

In particular, it is proposed to finance the Rocket Cargo program for 2022. For $48 million, the initiators of the program are ready to check the technical feasibility of developing reusable heavy rockets to carry up to 100 tons of cargo.

The project says that one such rocket will be able to carry as much cargo and people as a heavy military transport aircraft C-17, only much faster.

The rocket, once it reaches a target area, would have to automatically land in an upright position, much like the first reusable stage of a SpaceX launch vehicle.

“The Air Force seeks to leverage existing multi-billion-dollar government investments in commercial development projects for the largest reusable rockets to develop and test the ability to use a commercial rocket to deliver up to 100 tons of cargo anywhere on Earth in less than an hour,” the draft states.