sales on Black Friday

With Black Friday in sight, take care of the logistics

With the date already on the horizon, it is worth planning to ensure the best customer experience and increase sales on Black Friday.

With more than 6 million orders last year, according to monitoring by Neotrust, a company specializing in virtual sales data, and revenue of BRL 2.8 billion, according to data from NielsenIQ Ebit, Black Friday has consolidated itself as one of the main dates of Brazilian retail.

Shoppify, the technology-based logistics intelligence company, predicts a 70% increase in its online sales volume on Black Friday compared to the same period last year. The data was based on crossing the history of previous years with market studies.

The great leap in the preference of Brazilians for online shopping in recent years tends to consolidate in 2022. “The analyzes carried out by Shoppify’s operations department indicate that the volume of orders should be 70% greater than those carried out at the same time of year. last year”, explains Júlio Bonifácio, Head of Operations at Shoppify.

Strategies Contribute to Successful Black Friday

To meet the high demand on Black Friday, and ensure a good shopping experience for consumers, Nubimetrics has developed some strategies to ensure the success of the date.

Understand market demand

Review past years’ history and current trends as searches grow. Only from the data is it possible to analyze the general situation of purchasing behavior and customers.

“Black Friday has historically always been an expressive date where consumers waited all year for the arrival of this date to buy higher value products, such as electronics and appliances. But in the last edition we saw that one of the categories that grew the most in sales was the supermarket, with food and beverages. This started a little earlier and intensified on that date”, explains Juliana Vital, Global Chief Revenue Officer at Nubimetrics.

Plan the discount

It is necessary to have a study behind this action to understand which item to apply discounts on. Check the demand and if there is a competitive advantage over the competition.

Anticipate logistics strategy

After analyzing demand, competition and the market, it is essential to anticipate the logistics strategy so that the customer experience is the best possible on that day. Get ready to sell more and be ready for high demand in the service channels, in addition to ensuring that the customer receives the purchased parts on the correct date.

Shoppify bets on SFS (Ship From Store). The modality guarantees agility in delivery by concentrating the withdrawal of products in the store closest to the customer. Thus, in addition to reducing delivery time, there is a reduction in costs, by avoiding the need for the delivery person to travel to a fixed distribution point.

Today the company has distribution points in the main cities in the Southeast, such as Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, and in the Northeast, such as Recife and Salvador, among others. These locations receive and intelligently distribute the goods.

In addition to agility and cost reduction, another key point for Shippify is to offer security for consumers and companies. This is done through real-time tracking of purchase status until delivery to your home.

“You can even find out where the delivery person is and get in touch. We have a tracking system and the end consumer can have access to it. It is a differential that provides security and convenience”, explains Bonifácio.

An important milestone for Shoppify is the company achieving a 99% SLA. This means that out of every 100 deliveries, 99 are on time.

Logistics requires planning

Nubimetrics also recommends keeping an eye on demand and preparing logistics to serve customers with excellence on Black Friday. Shoppify, for example, already plans to strengthen its delivery team and avoid bottlenecks in deliveries.

“We have more than 8,000 active drivers and we intend to grow this base for the increase in Black Friday demand. We reinforce the teams so that the quality of the services provided is maintained as on any other date”, emphasizes Bonifácio.

Analyze past errors

Have information and data that allow the analysis of errors in previous editions of Black Friday. The data will indicate where the business should go by comparing current and historical trends. Also include a checklist of learnings to have on hand, from strategies to operational execution.