UPS will not allow resale of its shipping facilities

Maybe you’re hoping to take your UPS driver costume for Halloween to the next level by traveling in a real UPS truck. Or maybe you just want to be known around town as “the guy who drives a UPS truck.” Whatever your reasoning for planning to buy a decommissioned UPS package truck, we have bad news for you: the company won’t sell you one.

According to Jalopnik , UPS policy prohibits the sale of trucks because the company doesn’t want any non-employees tarnishing the brand. If you drive recklessly through your neighborhood in a company truck, your neighbors can only blame you, but if you break the speed limit and put up stop signs elsewhere, witnesses may have a negative impression of all UPS drivers .

According to one rumor, the rule came about after someone used a UPS truck to facilitate a series of bank robberies. After all, a UPS truck idling on the side of the road doesn’t arouse as much suspicion as another vehicle. But a company spokesman told Jalopnik that the story is nothing more than an urban legend.

What exactly does UPS do with its older cars? Some of them are painted white and reused for internal use – perhaps to transport workers from place to place or to haul freight within a single UPS location. If you see a white version of a truck on the road, it probably doesn’t have your package in it. Other decommissioned trucks are simply being scrapped.