Transport and logistics are reinventing themselves to reduce the carbon footprint

Transport and logistics are reinventing themselves to reduce the carbon footprint

Essential links in the economy, transport and logistics are primarily concerned by the challenges of reducing CO2 emissions. A family business based in Roanne in the Loire, the Maisonhaute Group has become, in 30 years, a major player in this field, posting double-digit growth! Signatory of the CO2 charter since 2016, the company aims to decarbonize the transport sector.

Alain Maisonhaute was a mechanic in Roanne when he started transporting steel products from the Rhône-Alpes to Paris. The company developed little by little, giving the desire to his sons to join him: Jordan in 2008 took over the reins of the transport activity and Geoffrey in 2010 created a new entity dedicated to logistics and transport solutions. national and international charter.

Objective: 50 million euros in turnover by 2029

Based in Roanne (42), Lyon, Paris and Nantes, the Maisonhaute Group is in good health, with growth of +22% last year and forecasts double-digit growth between 2021 and 2022. The opening of a new platform in Genas (69), in addition to the ten others distributed throughout France, is an illustration of this. “It allows us to pass the symbolic milestone of 90,000m2 of logistics area. We want to cross the 30 million turnover mark in 2023 and aim to cross 50 million by 2029, by investing in particular in the skills and robotization of our platforms in order to improve responsiveness and productivity. This development will go through external growth”, explains Geoffrey Maisonhaute.

Global logistics and transport service

In addition to transport services, there is also storage and custom order preparation. “We offer additional services, such as co-packing, kitting, tailor-made packaging and reverse logistics,” says Geoffrey Maisonhaute. Thanks to its ambient temperature and positive cold platforms, the Maisonhaute Group is able to manage the logistics of all types of products, particularly in the Defense and Organic food sectors. “We are a referenced logistician in Defense, which leads to demanding specifications in terms of quality, security and confidentiality. In addition, we have the Organic Logistics certification”, continues the manager. The Maisonhaute Group is also on the verge of being IFS Logistics certified, in order to continue to guarantee a level of excellence to current and future customers. Present internationally thanks to a dedicated transport unit in Genas, the Maisonhaute Group ensures the import-export flows of its French and Polish customers throughout Europe and in particular through a commercial presence in Poland.

Committed to decarbonization

Concerned in the foreground by the energy crisis and the cost of oil, engaged in an energy transition, the Roanne-based company is implementing alternative fuel solutions. “A first delivery of XTL HVO, made from food waste (fats and oils), has just arrived to supply our entire fleet,” says Geoffrey Maisonhaute. Signatory of the Objective CO2 charter, the company, which relies on a proactive CSR policy to attract and retain its employees, has been committed to this path for more than six years aiming for -20% of its CO2 emissions by the end of 2023. “This also involves training in eco-driving, the regular renewal of the fleet meeting the latest Euro standards, the implementation of route optimization tools… We have created a transport and logistics engineering unit to to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers and reinvent our way of working to optimize the efficiency of processes”, concludes Geoffrey Maisonhaute.